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Professional custom precision stamping partsHigh cost,Your choice

Our company was founded in 1992, so far, more than 10 years of history

Technical staff accounted for more than 40% of the total workforce

Companies strictly enforce the ISO9002 quality system, with advanced production equipment,

As well as special stretching machines, hydraulic machines, bending machines

We rely on scientific management, advanced production technology to reduce production costs

Present the percent of pass is up to a99%

Present the rate of finished goods at a time97%

The finished product percent of pass is up to factory100%

Rate of customer feedback information100%

Perfect logistics distribution center, products sold throughout the country.

Normal production cycle delivery within 4 days, zero delay;

Emergency special processing, ensure the customer benefit maximization;


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    Nanpi County Shengjie metal products limited liability company is located in Nanpi County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, which has a long history and is known as "Hardware Town". The environment is graceful and the traffic is convenient.

    My company, founded in 1992, has been more than 10 years of history, is the production and sales of precision stamping parts, sheet metal pieces of high-grade electrical box metal stamping processing enterprises. My company has more than 50 employees, since its inception, has always insisted "science and technology is the primary productive force" of the enterprise purpose, constantly recruiting, selection of various types of talent, I have four senior engineers, including technical staff of the total number of employees 40% or more. The use of a large number of personnel makes my company's products from extensive to high-tech direction, to meet a variety of industries supporting the needs of the product.



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